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Client: Compassion Canada

Project: Website design


It’s a problem that seems overwhelming—too big for anyone to really make a difference. But a difference is possible. Compassion believes it takes more than education, healthcare & social programs to make a difference in the life of a child and help nations escape from poverty.

It’s only by the gospel of Jesus Christ that poverty can end, & lives be forever changed. That’s why Compassion works with the local church in the developing world to bring practical care to children living in poverty. Not only do they have access to education and get regular health check-ups — they hear the gospel, the most exciting and life-changing news anyone can ever hear!

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“Compassion came to Tenth Floor because we knew they would be able to take our web design to the next level and were excited to see how they would interpret Compassion’s brand. We were blown away by the look and thoughtfulness of the design, we can’t wait to work with Tenth Floor again in the future.”
Adam Duguay
Marketing Communications, Compassion Canada

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